CMR Waybill 

International Road Carriage Waybill CMR.


CMR is type of waybill used for international carriage of goods by road. CMR Waybill is issued according to Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road which rules for contents and filling in of waybill.

CMR Waybill is document which confirms conclusion of internation carriage contract for delivery of cargo. From other side CMR waybill is not document of title. Cargo is released to consignee mentionsed in it.


CMR is usually issued by Shipper, and he together with Carrier and Consignee are responsible for correct filling in of waybill.

Main clauses of CMR Waybills:


1) Clauses 1–15, 21, 22 are fiilled in by Shipper.


Clause 1. Details of Shipper (name, address, country). If delivery is arranged on behalf of third party – phrase «on behalf of» and thiird party company name is added to this clause.


Clause 2. Details of Consignee (name, address, country).


Clause 3. Place of delivery of goods, Country.


Clause 4. Place and date of taking over of the goods.


Clause 5. List of annexed to CMR documents: TIR number, invoice, packing list; certificates when necessaty for delivery..


Clause 6. Marks and Nos, showing shipping marks of cargo pieces, IMO class and UN number of goods delivered under

European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).


Clause 7. Number of packages.


Clause 8. Describtion of packing.


Clause 9. Nature of goods, Shipping name. 


Clause 10. HS Code.


Clause 11. Gross weight.


Clause 12. Volume.


Clause 13. Sender's instructions (Customs and other formalities), usually used for showing of customs clearance address.


Clause 15. Delivery terms, according to Incoterms.


Clause 21. Place and date of CMR issue.


Clause 22. Actual time and date of arrival for loading and departure, signature and stamp of Shipper.


2) Clauses 16–19, 23, 25–26 are filled in by Carrier.


Clause 16. Carrier details (name, address, country) should be verified by stamp.


Clause 17. Details of successive carriers (name, address, country) involved in delivery.


Clause 18. Carrier clauses and remarks regarding cargo and packing condition. If CMR does not show such clauses and remarks, cargo is treated to be accepted for carriage in sound condition, shipping marks and amount of packages coinside with details stated in waybill by Shipper.


Clause 20. Special agreemens of carriage (temperature control, out-of-gauge cargo, etc.).


Clause 23. Signature and stamp of Carrier 


3) Clause 24 is filled in by Consignee.


Clause 24. Actual time and date of arrival for discharge and departure of discharged truck. Signature and stamp of Consignee.